High School Credit

Students must earn a passing grade in order to receive high school credit for Private Pilot Ground School through the Puget Sound Skills Center. You will receive a letter grade for the course, which will then calculate into your high school grade point average.

  1. Puget Sound Skills Center will issue your Grade Report to your resident high school. Grade reports are typically mailed in early September. This grade report serves as proof that you took an official Highline School District class, but is NOT an official transcript. It is up to your high school registrar or counselor to add the class name and grade to your official high school transcript, which is necessary for you to receive high school credit, and college credit. We suggest that you check with them a 3-4 weeks after school has begun. Click HERE for a Sample Private Pilot Ground School Grade Report.
    • The Museum will send you an additional copy for your records.
    • If your counselor did not receive your Grade Report, We suggest you bring your copy to them, and have them make a copy. Counselors may also contact the Puget Sound Skills Center Registrar, Pam Stariha, at 206-631-7330 or pamela.stariha@highlineschools.org
  2. Your high school counselor/registrar should add your high school credits to your official transcript as .5 CTE (Career and Technical Education) Credit.
  3. Not every school will accept credit from classes that are taken at other school and other school districts. If your school is unwilling to add the class to your official transcript, we encourage you to advocate for yourself, and let them know that you cannot receive your college credits unless the class has been added to your official high school transcript.

College Credit

Students must earn a final grade of 80% or higher in order to qualify to receive 5 Private Pilot Ground School college credits through Green River College.

  1. Private Pilot Ground School must first be added to your official high school transcript before receiving college credit. See High School credit above.
  2. Once your high school counselor has added the credits to your transcript, you will need to request an official transcript. (Transcript must be in a sealed envelope from the High School)
  3. Click HERE to apply for GRC admission. This is free!
    • Once you apply, all College correspondence will come to your GRC email.
  4. Click HERE to submit a Tech Prep Transcription form.
  5. Check your GRC email to find out when your courses have been transcribed.
    • For questions about Green River College credits, contact Katie Dailey at (253) 833-9111, ext. 4335 or email kdailey@greenriver.edu