We now offer live, online tours of our famous aircraft and galleries, catered to your interests, and guided by our experts. Perfect for groups and gatherings!

Online Tour with an Aerospace Hotshot

Choose a live, online tour from the Museum that combines your interests and our experts! This one-hour experience is all about satisfying your aviation or space curiosities with a personal tour of your favorite gallery led by one of our curators or aerospace mavens. Our collection spans the history of flight from World War I to today’s new space race, so we can tailor your tour to be comprehensive or specific, interactive or passive, with each geared to your audience—company employees or convention attendees, friends and kids, clubs, and aerospace enthusiasts. Make your event special with an online visit from The Museum of Flight.

Price: $500 for a 60 minute program (45 minute tour; 15 minute Q&A)

Virtual Aircraft Cabin Tours for Groups – Live!

The cockpit of a B-17 bomber is normally a tight fit for even a couple people, but there is always room for your group during our live, 3D virtual tours! Step inside with an expert guide as they take you a virtual journey through some of the Museum’s most historic aircraft. You will be enlightened with guide’s inside stories, and be led through the entire cabin and cockpit. It’s all live, so ask questions and stop to check out the smallest details. Most of these aircraft are never open to the public, so this is an opportunity for you and your friends to take a trip to the rare world inside of vintage bombers, airliners, Air Force One, and even the Space Shuttle. Choose up to three different interior tours during each one-hour experience.

Price: $200 for a 60 minute program (45 minute tour; 15 minute Q&A)

Book a Tour

Both tours are offered Monday – Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM (Pacific). If you’d like to schedule a tour outside of this time frame, contact us for availability.

Please contact Private Events at privateevents@museumofflight.org or call us at 206-764-5706.