You are GO for Lunch!

Saturday, March 30th
11AM to 2PM, Doors open at 10:30am
Skyline Room, The Museum of Flight

Relive the Apollo Missions

The Museum of Flight welcomes Glynn Lunney, Gerry Griffin, and Milton Windler

At our first You are GO for Lunch! event of the 2019 year, attendees will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear from three Flight Directors of the Apollo 13 mission and those in the room for all Gemini and Apollo programs.

Chief of the Apollo Flight Directors, Glynn Lunney was responsible for the return home plan of the Apollo 13 team and the historic Apollo 11 Lunar descent resulting in mankind's first step on the moon. Joining Lunney, fellow Flight Directors and recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their work on Apollo 13, Gerry Griffin and Milton Windler will also speak to their roles in the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo programs and the United States manned and unmanned space exploration.

*PLEASE BE ON TIME. The program will begin promptly at 11AM.