Kellie Gerardi’s non-traditional path in the space industry shows us that humanity’s next giant leap will require the contributions of artists, engineers, and everyone in between. Gerardi takes us on a tour of this unique window in history and offers an inside look into the commercial spaceflight industry and all those working to democratize access to space and tee up a golden age of spaceflight for scientists, students, and tourists alike!

Whether you have a space background or are just looking to learn about the exciting future that awaits us, Not Necessarily Rocket Science confirms that there’s a place for anyone who is passionate about space exploration. From her adventures working at a spaceport, training for Mars at an analog facility, testing spacesuits in microgravity, and building a massive science communication platform, this unique handbook provides inspiration and guidance for aspiring astronauts of all backgrounds to make the most out of life in the Space Age.

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About the Author

Kellie Gerardi is an aerospace & defense professional and popular science communicator. Kellie has flown multiple parabolic research campaigns to evaluate commercial spacesuits and conduct bioastronautics research in microgravity with Project PoSSUM, an acclaimed suborbital research group. Kellie’s work to promote citizen-science and inspire women in STEM has been featured across a broad range of media and has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans on social media. Kellie has worked with a number of commercial spaceflight companies and government agencies. She serves on the Defense Council for the Truman National Security Project and is a Director of The Explorers Club, whose esteemed flag she carried during a crew rotation at the Mars Desert Research Station.  Kellie lives in Jupiter, FL with her husband Steven and their daughter Delta V. Not Necessarily Rocket Science: A Beginner's Guide to Life in the Space Age is her first book, and was an Amazon #1 New Release across Science categories.

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