We are so grateful for you, our members!

Thanks to you and all of our amazing members, The Museum of Flight continues to evolve to meet the changing dynamics of 2020. Your generous support is much appreciated in these challenging times, which is why we are dedicating this week in celebration of you. Your membership dollars have truly been a lifeline.

Join us for a special Member Appreciation Celebration with virtual events, an exclusive member drawing, and much more! Each day you will get to know a member of the Membership Team and their favorite artifact along with a link to one of the wonderful presentations below.

Activities include:

  • (CANCELLED) Tuesday, November 17 - Virtual Planetarium @ 4:30 PM
    Join us for a (virtual) night under the stars, where we’ll answer all your questions about our Solar System, and beyond.
    • CANCELLATION NOTICE: With the latest stay-home regulations, The Museum of Flight has had to close. Due to this closure, we have to cancel the Planetarium Show.
  • Wednesday, November 18 - Storytelling LIVE! "Copper River Bombing" @ Noon
    ln December of 1964, after the Great Alaska Earthquake, the town of Copper Center was threatened by an ice dam on the nearby Copper River. To the rescue! US Navy Patrol Bombers, based at Kodiak, were called to drop bombs on the ice dam to save Copper Center. Hear this incredible story from Docent Paul Harvey.
  • Thursday, November 19 - Hangar Flying with Matt Hayes @ 6:30 PM
    Museum President and CEO, Matt Hayes, will address all Members and provide an update on the status of the Museum and will look to the future in 2021. He will also take your questions!

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