Due to snow advisories, the 747 celebration and tours scheduled for Saturday February 9 and Sunday February 10 will be cancelled and moved to a later date.
If you have reservations for upper-deck access on either date, you will be notified by email when we reschedule.

Weekend Events

Special Presentations

Saturday, Feb. 9

1:00 PM
William M. Allen Theater

Check out a free screening of Boeing First Flights: The Jet Age, which features a panel of aviation experts recounting the design and development of the Queen of the Skies.

2:15 PM
William M. Allen Theater

Join us for a discussion with Jay Spenser, author of 747: Creating the World’s First Jumbo Jet. During his talk, Spenser will examine the work of the book’s co-author, Joe Sutter, who is widely known as the “father” of the 747.

3:30 PM
William M. Allen Theater

Enjoy a screening of a BBC Inside Out documentary about the 747 featuring Hugh Dibley, one of the first pilots to ever fly it, and Brien Wygle, co-pilot on the 747’s first flight.

Upper Deck Access

Sunday, Feb. 10 | 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Aviation Pavilion

Public tours and access to 747 upper-deck lounge (reservation required). Buy admission online for Sunday, February 10, and choose Upper Deck Access add-on under Available Options before checkout. Ages 10+ only.

--Upper Deck Access SOLD OUT--

The Boeing 747 first took flight on February 9, 1969, and we’d like to invite you to join us as we celebrate this history-making 50th anniversary event with two days of activities. Walk on board the very first 747, named the City of Everett, and see how the plane looked as it was flown for the very first time.

To take our celebration up a notch, we will offer exclusive access to our jumbo jet’s upper-deck lounge for a lucky few. This area of the plane is usually closed to visitors, but during our anniversary celebration you may get to walk up the spiral stairs to experience the most talked-about cabin of the Jet Age.

After visiting the Queen in her hangar, enjoy music from 1969, mingle with Pan Am flight attendants, and chat with aviation experts about the history of the 747.

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Reserve a place in line when purchasing your online admission; limited availability. Tickets may also be available at the Museum depending on availability. First come, first serve.

NOTE: Stairs to the upper deck of the 747 are steep and for the safety of all, children under 10 years old will not be allowed.

--Upper Deck Access SOLD OUT--

Photo courtesy of The Boeing Company