We are GO for lunch!

The Museum of Flight invites our special Museum friends to an exclusive luncheon with Apollo XII and Gemini XI Astronaut Captain Richard “Dick” Gordon Jr. in celebration of the opening of our brand new Apollo exhibit.

Go For Lunch Tickets

Saturday, May 20th, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

11:00 AM – Doors open at the 2nd floor View Lounge
11:30 AM – Lunch served followed by a presentation by Capt. Gordon

Be sure to check out our new Apollo exhibit before or after the luncheon, located adjacent to the Great Gallery!

Tickets are $75 each and include a plated lunch. Ticket limit is 4 per customer. Tickets are on sale now and expected to sell out quickly! To purchase, call 206.764.5711 or online by clicking the button below.

We’re sorry, but Capt. Gordon will not be able to sign autographs at this event. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Dick Gordon is a graduate of the University of Washington and earned his wings as a Naval Aviator in 1953. In September of 1966, he served as pilot for the Gemini XI mission, which included the successful completion of the first tethered station-keeping exercise, setting a new altitude record of 850 miles, and completion of the first fully automatic controlled entry. Gordon also served as the command pilot on Apollo XII, remaining in orbit aboard the command module Yankee Clipper throughout the 31-hour lunar surface stay by crewmates Pete Conrad and Alan Bean. Apollo XII accomplishments included the first precision lunar landing in the moon’s Ocean of Storms, installation of a nuclear power generator station to provide the power source for long-term scientific experiments, and completion of a close-up inspection of the Surveyor 3 spacecraft.

Go For Lunch Tickets

3 Course Served Luncheon Menu

Salad Course

Artisan Petit Greens - Washington apples, sundried cranberries, cracked hazelnuts and spiced cider vinaigrette (gluten and dairy free)

Entrée Course

Roasted Fresh Alaskan Halibut - lemon garlic sauce, Provencal tomato relish, herbed potato cake, seasonal vegetables (gluten and dairy free)

Dessert Course

An assortment of delectable delights & bites