Get ready for a month of entry, descent and landing terror, regolith, robots and rovers as Mars lovers showcase Red Planet missions past, present and future!

This week's presentation features Roger Myers, formerly of Aerojet Rocketdyne, who will treat us to current science and engineering visions of getting humans to Mars and back again. Dr. Roger Myers has worked on space transportation and in-space propulsion for over 30 years. After 9 years at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, in 1996 he joined Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Redmond Operations, the world’s leading supplier of spacecraft propulsion systems and technology, where he served as General Manager from 2006-2010 and as Executive Director, Advanced In-Space Programs until 2016 when he retired to consult. He has worked on dozens of commercial and government space missions, including all Mars landings after Viking, and he has led multiple studies of human Mars exploration missions. Dr. Myers is a Fellow of the AIAA, a member of the Washington State Academy of Sciences, is the President of the Electric Rocket Propulsion Society and was awarded the AIAA Wyld Propulsion Award in 2014.

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