The Museum of Flight 9404 East Marginal Way South Seattle WA 98108-4097 USA

Sensory Tours

The tactile tour experience allows visitors with low or no vision to "Touch the Sky"

Sensory Tours

Due to our operating guidelines during the pandemic, we are not currently offering Sensory Tours. We will offer this tour as soon as we're able.


Every visitor, regardless of their ability to see, should have the opportunity to experience aviation history. That’s why we developed these docent-led "Touch the Sky" tours to showcase the history, design and science behind select aircraft and help vision-impaired visitors experience a variety of aircraft up close. During the 90-minute tour, participants wear white gloves to touch the aircraft surfaces; this helps them to understand how the aircraft were engineered and how their designs impacted aviation history.

Tour Details

Tours last 1 1/2 hrs.

Tours begin and end outside paid admission area(s). If visitors want to stay and visit longer they must pay admission.

For tour visitors that are disabled and require a helper, helper gets FREE admission.

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