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Nose Art Cocktail Party

Nose Art Cocktail Party

Create your own art party with our online experience that combines a dash of decoration, a pinch of airplane history, and recipes for vintage cocktails to awaken your inner-aviation artist.

Air crews have long flown into harm’s way embolden by personal artwork that decorated their planes. Now let The Museum of Flight's Nose Art Cocktail Party help you combat the daily grind. During this online program, our Curator entertains you through the history of military airplane Nose Art, and our drink master will show you how to make the classic World War II cocktails that helped win the battles on all fronts.

We help you prepare for the party by providing a booklet with detailed, delicious cocktail recipes, nose art history and an assortment of nose art templates (like a coloring book!). Adorn the pages or create original paintings using your favorite medium. And voila! Shaken or stirred, your Nose Art is a masterpiece, and the cocktail party a success.

This event is for ages 21+.
Want to follow along and mix your own drinks at home?

Download Cocktail Recipe Cards

When: Thursday, April 22, 2021

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
This online presentation is facilitated via ZOOM.

Price: $35 (Museum Members: $30)
Includes: Access to presentation for (1) one screen and (1) one Nose Art Coloring Book. You have the option to buy an additional coloring book for $10 when you complete your purchase. Additional add-ons are below.


NOTE: All reservations must be made by Monday, April 19th to ensure that your supplies arrive on time. If you do not order an Appetizer & Cocktail Kit, the nose art book will be sent directly to your home. Otherwise, they will be included with your Appetizer & Cocktail Kit.

Elevate Your Cocktail Party!

Want to kick back, relax and color without having to make your own food and drink? Add on a scrumptious Appetizer & Cocktail kit, catered by Gourmondo. The Appetizer Kit features a 1940s-inspired menu (listed below) and the Cocktail Kit includes (2) two pre-mixed WWII cocktails, the French 75 and Sazerac featured in the program.

Appetizer Kit: $30/each*
(serves one)
Appetizer & Cocktail Kit: $50/each*
(serves one)

Sales Closed

1940s Appetizer Kit:
  • Mesquite Smoked Salmon Bite
  • Beefsteak & Pepper Tart
  • Deviled Egg with Chives
  • Ham & Mustard Biscuit
  • Roasted Mushroom & Gruyere Crêpe
  • Pimento Cheese Crisp
  • Classic Shrimp Cocktail

WWII Cocktail Kit:
  • French 75 (2 ounces; pre-mixed)
    Gin, lemon, simple syrup, plus .187ml sparkling wine
  • Sazerac (2 ounces; pre-mixed)
    Rye, lemon, absinthe, peychaud’s bitters, angostura bitters

Catered by Gourmondo

*Each kit serves one person. Fee includes delivery. Delivery covers the following zip codes:

98004, 98005, 98006, 98007, 98008, 98011, 98021, 98027, 98028, 98029, 98032, 98033, 98034, 98039, 98040, 98052, 98055, 98056, 98057, 98101, 98102, 98103, 98104, 98105, 98106, 98107, 98108, 98109, 98112, 98115, 98116, 98117, 98118, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98125, 98126, 98133, 98134, 98136, 98144, 98146, 98148, 98154, 98155, 98158, 98164, 98166, 98168, 98174, 98177, 98178, 98178, 98188, 98195, 98198, 98199

If you fall outside these zip code regions, additional delivery fees will apply; a Museum staff person will contact you directly to complete your reservation. All kits will be delivered by Gourmondo on the day of the event. Please provide your delivery address when registering for this program.