The J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Wing is a two-story gallery that highlights the stories of courage, dedication, heroism and the triumph of the human spirit of those involved in fighter aviation in World War I and World War II. This 88,000-square-foot addition opened on June 6, 2004 (the 60th anniversary of D-Day) and showcases 28 immaculately restored WWI and WWII fighter planes across two galleries, including one of the finest collections of historic fighters found anywhere in the world—the internationally known Champlin Fighter Collection.

Through state-of-the-art exhibits, interactive experiences, and flight simulations the Personal Courage Wing exhibits tell the stories of not only those who flew, but the people who designed, built and maintained these amazing aircraft. Unlike the Museum's Great Gallery, the Personal Courage Wing is essentially a black box, designed to provide necessary protection from harmful ultraviolet light that can damage fragile items like documents and uniforms.