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William E. Boeing Red Barn

Red Barn

There is a warmth and a human scale to the simple, turn-of-the-century post-and-beam architecture, while multiple sets of wooden mullioned windows and skylights bring in natural light.

The Museum of Flight opened its first wing on Boeing Field in 1983 in the historic "Red Barn," The Boeing Company's original manufacturing plant. Built in 1909, the Red Barn was donated to The Museum of Flight by the Port of Seattle in 1975 and moved to its present location at Boeing Field/King County International Airport that same year.

The Red Barn exhibit The Boeing Story 1916–1958, contains rare artifacts, such as the famous mail bag carried in 1919 by Boeing, Sr., and Eddie Hubbard during the first international U.S. Air Mail flight from Vancouver, B.C., to Seattle; a re-created factory workshop, showing the Red Barn as it was used during production of the Boeing Model C and Model 40; and exhibitry on the early history of Boeing and other major founders of the American aerospace industry.