“....this great bird, filling the universe with awe, filling all writings with its fame, and eternal glory to the nest where it was born”.

– Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)

For millennia, humans have been fascinated by how birds fly. Studying the aerodynamics of avian flight has allowed us to take to the skies and gain new perspectives on our world. Though our knowledge of flight has grown by leaps and bounds, there is still much we can learn through the observation of birds.

The exhibit How Birds Fly is developed by The Museum of Flight in partnership with the Burke Museum, and is guest curated by Dr. Peter Cavanagh, an avid bird photographer and biomechanicist at the University of Washington. Through a unique combination of Dr. Cavanagh’s bird photography and ornithological specimens from the Burke, the exhibit explores bird evolution, anatomy, and behavior, as well as the impact birds have had on human flight from the designs of Leonardo da Vinci, the Wright brothers, and even today’s aerospace engineers.

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