Imagine living in a place where the night sky is always clear and sparkles with countless stars, and every day the entire world shines outside your windows. On June 8, 2024, The Museum of Flight premieres Home Beyond Earth, an immersive new exhibition that goes to the heart of the human experience of living in space. 

With a focus on space stations past, present and future, Home Beyond Earth features over fifty artifacts, models, space-flown objects and uniforms. Digital tokens allow visitors to make their own journey through the exhibit and personalize their imagined life in a space station of their choice. The exhibit’s vivid digital projections and over a dozen interactive elements help visitors enjoy and realize the dreams and realities of living and working in a place orbiting our planet. Today’s new era of spaceflight promises space hotels, orbiting cities and industrial jobs on the Moon. 

Home Beyond Earth shows how far we have come to realize this vision, and helps us ponder a future that may, or may not, be for you. 

Exhibit opens June 8, 2024! 

Exhibit is free with Museum Membership and included with general admission.
This exhibit was created by The Museum of Flight.

Home Beyond Earth Programming
Throughout the run of the exhibition the Museum will offer provocative programs that bring the challenges of living in space down to Earth. Astronauts, space industry leaders, authors and futurists will cover topics ranging from sci-fi and living in space with disabilities, to space archeology and space law. Home Beyond Earth will also delightfully spice up the Museum’s seasonal events and weekly family activities throughout the year.

Join us for Opening Day on June 8!
Stay in orbit all day with space station-themed workshops, presentations and expert guests.

Opening Day Event Info