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Air & Spacecraft

The Museum's Albatros D.Va (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Albatros D.Va (L24) Reproduction

An Elusive Beauty Flyers sometimes say that, "If a plane looks good, it's bound to fly good too." The Albatros D.Va might...

The Museum's Aviatik (Berg) D.I (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Aviatik (Berg) D.I

Berg incorporated some interesting traits into his strange-looking airplane. When two side radiators on some of the early Aviatiks weren't getting the job done.

The Museum's Boeing B&W Replica in Flight

Boeing B&W Replica

The B&W was the first airplane designed and built by Boeing. On June 15, 1916, Mr. Boeing himself took the B&W aloft for the first time.

The Museum's Caproni Ca.20 on display in the Personal Courage Wing (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Caproni Ca.20

The Caproni Ca.20 was an aircraft ahead of its time in design, purpose, and armament.

The Museum's Curtiss JN-4D Jenny Reproduction on display in the Personal Courage Wing

Curtiss JN-4D Jenny Reproduction

The Jenny is one of America's most famous airplanes. Early versions of the Curtiss biplane were serving the U.S. Army before America's entry into World War I, flying in Mexico on the trail of Pancho Villa in 1916.

The Museum's Fokker D.VII Reproduction (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Fokker D.VII Reproduction

Most experts agree that the Fokker D.VII was the finest single-seat fighter plane of the war. Designed by Reinhold Platz, the prototype was called the VII and

The Museum's Fokker D.VIII Reproduction (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Fokker D.VIII Reproduction

The Museum's Fokker D.VIII is a full-scale reproduction of one of the rarest Fokker fighters of World War I. The aircraft's...

The Museum's Fokker Dr.I Reproduction (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Fokker Dr.I Reproduction

One of the most famous and recognizable fighters of World War I the Fokker Dr.I was built in response to the earlier success of Sopwith's Triplane.

The Museum's Fokker E.III Reproduction (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Fokker E.III Reproduction

With its mid-wing monoplane design and distinct comma tail, Fokker's E-series fighter is one of the most recognizable aircraft of World War I.

The Museum's Nieuport 24bis Reproduction on display in the Personal Courage Wing (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Nieuport 24bis Reproduction

The Nieuport 24 is part of the famous line of French fighter aircraft established by Edouard de Niéuport. A preeminent...

The Museum's Nieuport 27 Reproduction (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Nieuport 27 Reproduction

The Nieuport 27 was the last of its type to be flown by the French, Italian, and British airmen in World War I. The small...

The Museum's Nieuport 28 C.1 (Photo by Heath Moffatt)

Nieuport 28 C.1

The Nieuport 28 was rejected by the French Air Service as not suited to be front-line equipment. At the time, the American...