The Museum of Flight 9404 East Marginal Way South Seattle WA 98108-4097 USA

Areas Of Support


There are many great initiatives to support at The Museum of Flight and you can decide exactly where you want your money to go. Your support will help the Museum share the story of aviation and space to hundreds of thousands of people each year. As you consider giving, below are some of the areas you can designate your gift to.

Annual Fund

A gift to the Museum's Annual Fund/Greatest Needs will support the collections, facilities, exhibits, programs and greatest needs at the time of the gift.


A gift to Collections Department helps preserve history for future generations and recognizes the achievements and sacrifices of those who came before us.


A gift to our Education Department supports STEM programs that engage and excite more than 160,000 students around the world each year and helps local students meet Washington State's curriculum.


A gift to our Exhibits will assist in sourcing and showcasing important historic artifacts.


A gift to our Facilities will support everything from building construction and maintenance, to window washing and light bulbs.


A gift to our Restoration Center and Reserve Collection will provide the materials and support needed to keep our restoration projects running.

Michael P. Anderson Memorial Aerospace Program

A gift to the Michael P. Anderson Program will provide underserved youth, ages 10-14, opportunities to bring youthful dreams into vivid reality by making it possible form them to participate in hands-on educational experiences with aerospace professionals.

Washington Aerospace Scholars

A gift to our Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) will support more than 150 high school juniors participate in STEM learning programs with an emphasis on creating interest in aerospace careers.