The Museum is proud to remember those who served in the Vietnam War. 

These personalized tribute plaques along the footpath under the B-52 were contributed by friends and family in honor of their loved ones. It is with gratitude that the Museum acknowledges those recognized.

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What better way to honor the legacy of the Vietnam veteran in your life than with a tribute plaque in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park? Personalize a metal plaque that will appear on the lower wall that wraps around our iconic B-52. Each plaque can be personalized with a name, military rank or other information. 

We will continue to install personalized plaques until we have completely filled the available space. Space is limited.

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To look up a tribute wall plaque by name, contributor, inscription or location, please use the search box below.
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How to Find A Plaque in the Park

Tribute Plaques are mounted below the nose of the B-52 and extend to the right and left along the Tribute Wall, arranged in sections and columns. Columns count up from the center, outward to the left or right. See diagram below:

Tribute Wall plaque locations

Tribute Plaque Installation Ceremonies

Every year we hold a Plaque Installation Ceremony to honor the veterans, their families and to unveil their plaque. 

Watch past ceremonies below:


Previous Ceremonies

Fall 2021

Fall 2020

Fall 2019