SEATTLE, Feb. 11, 2020—The Museum hosts one of North America’s largest displays of scale models on Feb. 15-16 with the 2020 NorthWest Scale Modelers Show. Visitors will see hundreds of exquisitely crafted model aircraft, spacecraft, cars, tanks, ships and figures depicting the glorious diversity of transportation design during the last 120 years.

While the emphasis is on aviation from the earliest flying machines to today’s fastest jets both military and civilian, creations from the world of sci-fi are also realized in astonishing detail. A special display will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Expert modelers will be on hand to share their craft and tricks of the trade. All next to the Blackbird spyplane in the Museum’s largest indoor gallery, and free with admission to the Museum.

Images: A World War I Sopwith Camel and pilot are surrounded by jets on a table at the NorthWest Scale Modelers Show. Tim Nelson photo. A couple kids learn how to make their own model with some help from dad at the NorthWest Scale Modelers Show. Ted Huetter/The Museum of Flight.


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