SEATTLE, May 16, 2019—Michelle Hanlon of For All is working to ensure the six Apollo and other early lunar landing sites are recognized for their value and are preserved and protected for prosperity. On Sunday, May 19, Hanlon will talk about the international effort the organization leads to make sure the historic places on the Moon will be safe forever. For All Moonkind has formed an International Advisory Council which will develop and implement the nonprofit organization's plan to obtain United Nations protection of the six Apollo Lunar Landing Sites and related artifacts. The 2 p.m. presentation is free with Museum admission.

“Humanity’s first steps on the Moon memorialize the universality of our species, our unrelenting need to explore and our incredible capacity for innovation and technological achievement,” Hanlon said. “The traces of our first missions to the Moon deserve the same respect, attention and protection as any evidence of human achievement, like the Pyramids of Egypt, Museum Island in Berlin or the Pueblo Cave Dwellings in Mesa Verde.”

To the Moon! Program Series
Complimenting the Museum’s exhibition, Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission, showing now through Sept. 2, the To the Moon! program series presents the stories behind the artifacts, people, and places that made the Moon landing possible.

To The Moon! features a wide-ranging selection of scientists, space experts, historians, authors, pilots, and more, looking at the near and far sides of the lunar missions and their legacy. The calendar of events is online.