Update: Wow, I cannot thank you enough for all of the donation to add Colonel Anderson to the Military Hall of Honor! Even though we have reached our goal of $1000, you still can donate to this fundraiser. The remainder of the donations will be donated to the American Fighter Aces' Scholarship Fund in honor of Colonel Bud Anderson.

The goal of this fundraiser is to raise $1000 to add Colonel Clarence “Bud” Anderson, WWII triple ace, to the Military Honor Wall so he can be forever remembered. Funds raised above $1000 will go to the American Fighter Aces Association scholarship fund to help support college students’ education.

I had the honor of meeting Col. Anderson in Auburn, California last March, where we had such an amazing time sharing our aviation experience and other various topics over lunch. After getting to know Col. Anderson in person, I was truly humbled by what an amazing aviator and human being he is, which I believe should be recognized and his story told to future generations. It has inspired me to start this fundraiser project so we can preserve his honor and service to his country and to aviation.

See my article in AFAA Magazine for more of his amazing story (opens in new tab)

*Photo source: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives