Thank You

To everyone who has made a gift to Project Welcome Home, and helped us honor all veterans who served bravely in the Vietnam Air War.

Anonymous (22)

Donald* Adams and Andrea Jenssen

JoAnne Aitken

Alaska Airlines

David Albers

Brian and Jeanie Alexander

Karen Allen

Chap and Eve Alvord

David Amundson

Bob Anderson

Bud and Jackie L. Anderson

Frederick and Margaret Anderson

Wayne and Velora Anderson

William and Nancy Anderson

Walter A. Appel

Camille Armstrong

Sheryl Arnold

Michael and Shelly Atwood

John Badger

Roger Bailey

Tom and Kathleen Baillie

Mark D. Baker

Sheri Ball

David Barenborg

Christian Barni

Mellisse Barrett

William and Joyce Barrott

Dan Barry

John and Nancy Bates

Kathy Bates

Michael Bates

Barbara Beach

Bill and Linda Beagles

Eric Beall

John C. Beatty

Francis Beaulieu

Goddard Beck and M. Willanne Beck

Robert T. and Debby C. Beck

Ronald and Linda Beck

Dennis E. Beebe

Barney Beeksma

Ben B. Cheney Foundation

Sterling Bentsen

Paul and Dianne Best

Adam and Elizabeth Bienas

Sue Bilger

Daniel Blaisdell

George Blood

Molly Blume

The Boeing Company

Michael Boler

David Bowen

Jon and Ann Bowman

Myron and Gayla Bredahl

Bruce B. Bremner

Rosemary and Larry Brester

Martha Brice

John Brightbill

Steve and Ranee Bristow

Ted Brobst

Michael Brown

Kate Buike and Donald Wood

Scott Burke

Robert Burns

Howard Butcher

Chris J. Byrd

David and Jane Cable

Kevin and Patty Callaghan

Peter P. Camerota

Michael A. Canorro

Tom and Cynthia Captain

John Cardaci

Chuck Carlson

Harold and Joyce Carr

Melvin A. Carr

Paul Carr

Scott E. and Linda H. Carson

Claude Cartee

Heide Cassidy

Janet Cenotto

Robert S. Cheney

Ralph Christ

The Chisholm Foundation:
Lex Lindsey and Lynn Manley

Radm. Ernest E. Christensen USN (Ret)
and Leslie Christensen

Bonnie Christianson

George Clark

The Clark Family

Rena Clark

Richard Clark

Douglas and Constance Clarke

Nathan Cobb

Confidence Foundation

John and Marjorie Cooper

Jeffrey Cordova

Carolyn Corvi and John Bates

John Cotton

Joseph and Joan Crecca

Wilcox and Sharon Creeden

Sharon Creeden

Loren Criss

James A. Crotty

Raymond L. Culver

Jan and Leslie Czechowski

Christopher Dailey

John Damrose

R. Graham Daniell Family

Brian and Pamela Danielson

Kathy Daspit

Thomas and Sarmite Davidson

Jeffery and Deborah Davis

Martha Davis

Brandon Day

Ronald and Deanne Deady

Victoria Dennis

John Dey

Gary Dickson

John and Diane Dimmer

Ron Dinkel

Buck and Sofie Dissel

Distinguished Flying Cross Society,
Pacific Northwest Chapter

James M. Doherty

Patrick Donlan

Lani Donnelly

Jerry Donselman

Dr. Thomas G. Roberts, DDS

Skip Dreps

Edward and Karen Dreyer

John J. Drucker, Jr.

C. Melbern and Rose Dunn

Michael and Tami Dunn

John and Gretchen Earley

David Eckles

Kimberly Eckstein

Merle and Kathleen Eglet

Eleanor M. Elliott

Todd and Megan Elliott

John Ellison

Martin and Linda Ellison

Kelley Elston

Philip and Michele Erickson

Karl Eschmann

Delmar and Sandra Fadden

Dwight Fagothey

Ron Fahs

Paul J. Fairbanks

John Farady

Jim Farmer and Lynn Withrow

David L. Feagins

Barbara and Wray Featherstone

Daniel Fehrenbacher

Jay and DeAnn Findlay

John Fisher

William Fitzgerald

Steven Flickinger

William and Karen Flint

Bruce Florsheim

Jay and Jacqueline Fontaine

Donald E. Forbes

Craig and Pat Ford

Anthony and Susan Fortino

Martin Foy

Jim and Judi Frank

Jerry F. and Phyllis C. Franklin

Stacy and Lance Franklin

Richard A. and Tammy Frederickson

Thomas and June Frey

Patricia and Wendell Frost

Shirley Fung

Alan and Amanda Gabriel

James and Amy Gabriel

Kathie Gabriel

Norman Gaddis

Robert L. Galbreath

Carr Gamble

Mercette Gauer

Rick Gauthreaux

Bill, Lindy and Louisa Gaylord

GE Aviation

Robert Gee

Heinz Gehlhaar

Larry Geringer

Randall and Virginia Getz

Eric F. and Wendy E. Geyer

Frank and Jan Ghosn

David and Suzanne Giegler

James Gill

Penny Gill

Catherine E. Gleason

Carol and Tal Godding

Dona Golden

Alan Goldman

Richard Gonzalez

Jim and Linda Gough

Marie V. Gould

Valerie J. Gould

Carla Grant Adams

Leonie B. Griswold

Earl Grout

Michael and Linda Gutzman

Mark Hagen and Kathleen Osgoodby

Catherine Hall

Michael and Mary Kay Hallman

Howard A. Hamer

John S. Hamilton, Jr.

Merle and Mary* Hanley

M.J. and Midge Hanson

Carl A. Hanson-Carnethon
and Kim Carnethon

Cleve Hardaker

Carter and Susan Harrington

Harold and Sharron Harrison

David Harvell

Paul and Margi Harvey

Susan Hawes Swindells

Matthew B. Hayes and Laura Jacumin

Timothy Hayes

John Hazlett

Bruce and Nedra Hecker

James Heckman

Stephen Heller

Neal Henderson

Richard Hendrickson

Brian and Shannon Herbert

Bruce Hilyer

George A. Hirchert, SSgt, USAF

Jim A. and Mary J. Hirshfield

Nancy and Charlie Hogan

John and Shirley Horn

Sherman House

Annabelle House Fox

Mary Hoy

Allen Hoyt

Jack and Alayne Hudspeth

Humana, Inc.

Davis Hunt

J. Clark Hunter

Melinda W. and Martin Isaacson

Beth Jackson

Douglas Jamieson

Peter N. Jansen, Jr.

Scott and Ellon Jarvis

Donald Jefferson

Tom Jensen

William Jensen

Darlene Jevne

Benjamin Jody

Gregory K. Johnson
and Natanya M. Bednarski

Ted and Linda Johnson

Miles O. Johnson

Stephen E. Johnson

Stuart C. and Nancy M. Johnson

Jackie Johnston

Christopher Jones
and Nanette Nanjo-Jones

C. James* and Diana Judson

Ruth Kalies

Philip C. and Ann E. Kane

James Keblas

Bradley Keller

Miranda Katzenberg

Sheri Kennard

Michael Kenny

Mike Kenny

Russell and Meredith Keyes

Lt. Col. C.G. Killberg, USAF (Ret)
and Judith A. Killberg

Don Kimble

Kenneth Kimmons

Alan Kirby

Dirk Klover

Julie and Joseph Klover

Nancy Knowlton

James D. and Phyllis Knutson

James Koch

Al and Cherita L. Koetje

D. Bruce Kordenbrock

Mike and Debbie Koss

Donald M. and Carole L. Koval

Leon A. Kraut, USAF (Ret)

Richard A. and Mary Jane Kubly

Gerrit Kuiken

Ned and Dana Laird

Arthur and Ruth Laitila

Michael Landa

Alison Lane

Abby Ann Lanman

Daniel Laprade

Susan L. Latvala and Jeff Parker

Jerrold Laurent

Brad and Donna Lawrence

Clark Lee

David Leisy

Terry J. and Donna M. Lemke

Marlene L. and Timothy A. Lemon

Edward M. Leonard

William Liggett

Warren Linden

James and Teri Lindley

Joseph Lippi

Lynn Lo

Robert Lomba

Ray Longaker

Charles and Laurie Lyford

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Scott MacColman

Joseph MacDonald

Matthew MacDonald

Bruce MacLennan

Bruce Malcolm

Marc Manzo

Michael Marohn

Michael Martella

Michael A. and Patricia A. Martin

Raymond and Carole Marty

Cat Mason

Marchell Mathes and Cary Badger

Eric D. Matsumoto

John Maynard

Gene and Nikki McBrayer

Anne McCaughey

Bruce R. McCaw

Laura McCloud Mathers

G. William and Marjorie McCutcheon

Capt. Eugene B. McDaniel (Ret)
and Dorothy H. McDaniel

William L. McDowell, III

Robert McFarland

William and Julianne McIntosh

Nick McKenzie

Robert V. McKenzie

Bob and Margie McLaughlin

John S. and Carol A. McMahon, Jr.

Kenneth and Sophie McNair

Susan McNary

Edward R. McPhillips, III

James and Janice McRoberts

J. Bryce and Maureen B. McWalter

Todd and Mimi Menenberg

Paul Meyer

Erica Miles

Stephen J. Miller

Harold L. "Mitch" Mitchell, USAF (Ret)
and Kelly Mitchell

Joseph S. and Mary L. Mobley

Steve Moen

Karl M. Moore

William E. and Judith L. Moritz

Thomas Mulligan

Philip J. Murphy

NAS Whidbey Task Force

Dawn and John Naye

Gary Nelson

Cory and Kathleen Ness

David and Eileen Nestoss

Malcolm Nicholson
and Catherine Holtzclaw

Christy Nickel

The Norcliffe Foundation

Fred and Ashley Northup

Tom and Kathy O'Keefe

James Oberlander

Dennis Olden

Terry Osborn

Frederick Pack

Erik Padgen

David and Marian Papenhausen

Parker Staffing Services

Howard and Joen Parks

James and Andrea Parsons

George Patterson

Robert Patterson

David Paul

Gordon Payne

Cody Peck

John Peikert

John Penney

Steven Pennington

Carl and Sue Person

Robert and Mary Beth Person

John Petelin

Douglas and Barbara Peterson

Marvin B. Peterson

Thomas and Linda Peterson

George Petoff

Rochelle Phelps

Roy Phillips

Carlos M. Pianelli

Walter and Margaret Plimpton

Ralph Poore

Alexander Pope

Donald T. and Sonya I. Powell

Pratt & Whitney

Harry Preston

Jennifer Pritzker

Puget Sound Honor Flight

John Purvis and Nancy Wright

Fred and Mariana Quarnstrom

James and Sherry Raisbeck

Kent and Mimi Ramsey

Arthur and Kristin Reeck

Stephen and Linda Reichenbach

Thomas and Bonnie Reilly

Milton A. Reimers, Jr.

Ed and Bunny Renouard

Karen Tuazon Reynolds
and John J. Reynolds and Family

Dorinne Richardson

Giles S. Richardson

Charles Ripley

Raymond and Anne Ritchey

Alexander Roberts

Michael Rogalinski

William and Lynda Royce

Matthew and Amy Rudolf

William M. Rule

Glen Russell

Vincent F. and Lynn A. Russo

Julie Saathoff

David and Sandra Sabey

Faye Schierman

David and Andrea Schneebeck

Donna Schneider

John and Carole Schork

Donald Schrope

John Scrapper

Sealaska Environmental Services

Kirk Sealls

Timothy and Kimberly Searing

Selpeco Resources, Inc.

David C. Sherbrooke

John Sherman

David Short

Woody and Karen Sillifant

Shannon and William Silva

Joe and Alexis Silvernale

Duane and Teri Silvestri

Anne Simpson and Charlie Conner

Leonard Sinisgalli

Erin Sitterley

Vandana and Greg Slatter

Jim and Candace E. Slowik

Fred Smith

Graham Smith and Karen McNeill

Larry J. Smith

Rex and Jeanine Smith

Robert L. Smith, M.D.

Sound Credit Union

Ed Sprenkle

M.D. Stanley, Jr. and Paige B. Stanley

John Stanton and Theresa Gillespie

Louisa Steele

Randall Steffan

Alan Steiner

Jay Stern

David Stevens

Robert Stevenson

Constance and Fred Still

John and Sandy Stonhouse

Peter and Allison Stovin

David and Suzanne Straus

Mary and David Strausz

David and Carol Ann Stuczynski

Elynn Sturn

Melden and Evelyn Suggett

Dana J. Sullivan and Vicki A. Legman

J. Nadine Sullivan

Kenneth Swanson

John E. and Suzanne Sweek

Peter and Mary Jane Swindley

Jack Taylor*

Michael and Sharon Taylor

Steve and Kris Taylor

Marlene Taylor Houtchens

Constance Thompson

Earl Thompson

David Tiemessen

Mark Todd

Shokichi Tokita

Anthony and Hai Ton

Tukwila American Legion Post 235

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund

Thomas Tyson

Pamela and Larry Valdez

Wendy Vance

Ronald Vandervort

Kenton W. and Judith J. VanLue

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
Post 1040

Eugene and Karen Vezzetti

Jessica Vick

Clint Viebrock

Vietnam Veterans of America -
Washington State

Richard Volin

David and Roberta Waggoner

David and Paula Waggoner

William Wagner

Wayne Wallingford

Robert Washburn

John V. Waters

Charles Waugh

Lauren Weatherford

Mike and Amy Weisner

John and Fran Weiss

The Welliver Family

Max Welliver

David Wellman

John and Didina Wells

Charles Welsh

W. Tom and Janet K. Werdin

David A. and Virginia A. Westhoff

Shannon L. and William M. Wheeler

William Whisler

Susan White

George Wildeboor

David and Deborah Wilder

Steven and Linda Wilhoit

Calvin L. Wilkinson

Andrew Williams

David D. Williams

David Williams

Emily J. and Douglas E. Wilson

Nancy Wilson

W.W. and G.K. Wilson

Jeff T. Wirrick

Ann Withrow

John Woelfel

Malcom B. Wolfson

Camilla Wolkerstorfer

Gregory Wood

J. Marcus Wood

James and Barbara Wood

David and Michelle Woodrell

Janet Worley

Jeanne M. Wright

Nancy Wright

Brien S. Wygle

Wyncote Foundation NW

Kathryn A. Yakubowsky

Larry Yarham

Richard Yerian

Sara Yin and Rong Wang

* Deceased