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L. Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad climb into their Gemini capsule prior to the launch of Gemini V -NASA Past Exhibits

Gemini V: 8 Days or Bust

August 21, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of Gemini V—the first time astronauts spent more than a week in...

Spirit of Flight Juried Photography Exhibition 2015 Past Exhibits

2015 Spirit of Flight Photography Exhibition

This annual exhibition asks photographers to submit images they feel embody “the spirit of flight.” Selected by a jury of...

Play Ball! Past Exhibits

Suited for Space

The Museum of Flight hosted the Smithsonian produced exhibit Suited for Space. The exhibit featured stunning details of...

Destination Station: Sharing the Wonders of YOUR International Space Station Past Exhibits

Destination Station

Produced by NASA, Destination Station explored the International Space Station, which is the largest space station ever...

Frank Piasecki and Other Polish Aviation Designers Past Exhibits

Frank Piasecki and Other Polish Aviation Designers

Frank Piasecki and Other Polish Aviation Designers, from the Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego (Polish Aviation Museum) in Krakow,...

Style in the Aisle Past Exhibits

Style in the Aisle

If the airline industry had a baby book, 1930 would surely be an important page. As an infant industry, airlines and...

Group of Apollo 17 models - Courtesy Dave Gianakos Past Exhibits

Apollo 17 Mission Models

The Space: Exploring the New Frontier exhibit in our T.A. Wilson Great Gallery is under construction as of Tuesday, January...