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Destination Moon Past Exhibits

Destination Moon

This exhibition features original Apollo 11-flown objects, interactives and unique artifacts from the Space Race. Only here will you experience them during Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary!

The Boeing Room Past Exhibits

The Boeing Room

The Museum of Flight welcomes its visitors to this one-of-a-kind exhibit of aviation history and innovation told through the...

boeing100 exhibit promo Past Exhibits

The Boeing Centennial Exhibit

Presenting the world’s largest and most important display of Boeing planes and artifacts! Recognizing The Boeing Company’s...

Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean, with Pete Conrad reflected on his visor. Past Exhibits

Apollo F-1 Engine Preview

This artifact is now part of APOLLO, open may 20, 2017
--Recently recovered artifacts from NASA's Apollo 12 and Apollo 16...

Lunar Focus Past Exhibits

Lunar Focus

A new interactive display of recent images of the Moon from NASA’s robotic spacecraft, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The...

First Look - Behind the Scenes of First Man Past Exhibits

Behind the Scenes of First Man

The Museum of Flight proudly presents a special collection of costumes and properties used in the making of Universal...

2018 Spirit of Flight First Place - 2018 Spirit of Flight First Place Winner Past Exhibits

2018 Spirit of Flight Photography Exhibition

Our annual exhibition asks photographers to submit images they feel embody the “spirit of flight.” Selected by a jury of...

Strangers to These Lands Past Exhibits

Strangers to These Lands

This temporary exhibit, open from March 31 to April 1, focuses on the little-known history of avian-assisted seed...

Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum's D-Day Flag Past Exhibits

D-Day Flag

This flag was carried on one of the first vessels into combat at sunrise on D-Day. LCT-595, along with three other Landing...

Past Exhibits

Wood and Canvas: The WWI Aviation Art of Jim Dietz

Aviation was in its infancy when World War I was fought. Air combat was unprecedented. There were no old pilots. Flying was...

Image: NASA Past Exhibits

The Birdie Has Landed

Some 45 years after tee off, a golf ball, believed to have been the very same ball Alan Shepard shanked on the Moon was...

L. Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad climb into their Gemini capsule prior to the launch of Gemini V -NASA Past Exhibits

Gemini V: 8 Days or Bust

August 21, 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of Gemini V—the first time astronauts spent more than a week in...