This exhibit has closed.

A new interactive display of recent images of the Moon from NASA’s robotic spacecraft, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. The large format photos taken between 2009-2018 include orbital views of humankind’s first trails blazed on the Moon nearly 50 years ago, plus 3D mosaic images of breathtaking lunar landscapes. The experience will be on view through August 2019, and will complement the Museum’s April-Sept. 2019 Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission exhibit with new perspectives of the first explorations of the Moon and locations for future missions.

Lunar Focus will be the center for the Museum’s experiments in 3D technology. The programs that will evolve during the exhibit will include 3D printed lunar landscapes for tactile experiences, mobile device augmented reality programming, and fully immersive virtual Moon activities, all based on the data collected by the LRO spacecraft.

This exhibit closed July 28, 2019.