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Adult Teambuilding Programs

Team challenge, fly simulated space missions in our Challenger Learning Center!

CLC Corporate Teambuilding Program

We are not currently offering teambuilding programs in the Challenger Learning Center. If you're interested in enhancing your group's experience at the Museum, contact Group Sales at or call 206.768.7104.


Challenger Learning Center Missions

(1h – up to 10 participants per mission, $250)

Have you always wanted to experience life in the International Space Station? Or to be a geologist on the surface of Mars? Challenger Learning Center offer 2 simulated space exploration missions:

Lunar Quest

The year is 2038 and humans have set up a series of permanent research habitats on the Moon. In order to expand our reach on the lunar surface even further, you and your crew are sent to the Moon to set up a series of mining operations searching for valuable ore and water. Scouting for these sites can be dangerous work, but the future of Moonbase Alpha depends on it. Are you up for the task? All your communication and teamwork skills will be put to the test as you deal with potential danger…

Mission to Mars!

Located on Phobos, your crew is being sent to Mars for a 1 week study of its surface. However, your mission can be put into jeopardy really quick… All your communication and teamwork skills will be put to the test as you deal with this emergency and its aftermath.

The Pilot Experience

(1h – up to 10 participants per mission, $250)

Join us for a one-hour experience in the Aviation Learning Center and see if you have what it takes to become a pilot! Teamed up, you will be inspecting a real Cirrus SR20 for safety, plotting your course, and taking off into the sky in our professional grade flight simulators.

Suited for Space

(1h – up to 20 participants per mission, $200)

How can exposure to space affect the human body? How do we protect an astronaut in a low pressure environment? In this 1 hour workshop, you and your teammates will learn about the many protective layers of a space suit, design pressure suits for an astronaut, and test your design in our portable vacuum chamber! If up to the challenge, you can take your astronaut for a tour on our EV3 rovers and explore the surface of Mars which is full of danger…

Space Shuttle Tour

(30 min – up to 6 participants, $150)

This exclusive 6-person, 30-minute tour of the Space Shuttle Trainer Crew Compartment will allow you to go where few have gone before. You will receive a safety briefing and historic overview before stepping aboard to explore both levels of the Crew Compartment. This is a perfect activity to do with a CLC Mini Mission!