*Due to our reopening guidelines, this feature is currently closed. We apologize for any inconvenience*

Our hands-on Alaska Airlines Aerospace Education Center is where people of all ages can explore aerospace inventions, STEM activities and new technology. The Center is where you can learn how to participate in our many STEM programs, events and even features resources for college and career planning!


The Education Center located in the Museum's Great Gallery and is open all day, everyday. There are 3 different exploration backpacks that take you on adventures throughout the Museum:

  • Insect Adventure Backpack - Learn about natural flight
    • Ages: 7 and under
  • Spy Adventure Backpack - Explore the WWI gallery and test your spy skills.
    • Ages: 7 and up
  • Mission: Apollo Backpack - Learn about being an astronaut and early moon exploration.
    • Ages: 7 and up