A Special Message for Moms, Dads, and Kids:

If you’re looking for things to do that are challenging and fun while schools are closed and camps are canceled, you’ve come to the right place! The Boeing Academy for STEM Learning at Home is offering a series of exciting week-long experiences designed exclusively for kids in grades 3-12. This is no ordinary stare-at-your-computer virtual activity. Each of our weekly experiences will have your kids interacting with other kids from around the country to learn about the wonders of flight, space, and engineering from museum educators and STEM professionals, including a real, live astronaut!

From designing gliders to building your own space stations to doing yoga like the astronauts, even conducting scientific experiments with vacuums and marshmallows (!), your learners will discover their inner scientist or engineer while having unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the world’s largest educational air and space museum!

So don’t wait; sign up today!

Each weekly themed experience is customized for children in grades 3-12, and the weekly session length is between 6-10 hours, dependent on grade. Each program is delivered via web-based platforms that require internet access and contains both online activities delivered in real-time by Museum of Flight staff as well as activities that can be downloaded on-demand for further exploration and development.

What to Expect

Participants will need internet access Monday-Friday for daily activities and live interactive classrooms. Week-long courses include both "screen" and "off-screen" time. Live activities are scheduled between 12:00 PM PDT and 5:00 PM PDT each day:

  • Elementary School courses include 6-8 hours of content per week | Sample Schedule
  • Middle and High School courses include 8-10 hours of content per week | Sample Schedule

Detailed schedules for the week will be provided on the Friday before your course begins.

For more information on the platforms used, please click here.

Questions? Please email education@museumofflight.org.

August 31-September 4: Humans in Space

Explore the cosmos and learn what it takes to keep humans healthy in space. Note: this week will be similar to past Humans in Space weeks, with a few pieces of new content.

Elementary participants will learn about the ways humans have explored space, from telescopes to rockets, and imagine and build their very own space habitat.

Middle and High School participants will join us for a week of shuttles, suits, and satellites—everything humans use to explore and live in space. Participants will virtually tour the cabin of the Space Shuttle, test out space suit designs against vacuum, explore the known universe through a live broadcast of the museum’s planetarium program, and talk with an expert from the space industry.

Enroll for grade level as of fall 2020.

Elementary School (grade 3-5): $135
Middle & High School (grade 6-12): $155

Must enroll by August 27.

Registration Closed

Tuition Assistance

The Museum of Flight is committed to making it possible for students to take part in this inspiring and invaluable program. In order to meet the goal of increasing participation, tuition assistance may be made available, up to 100% of the cost, for students who meet the criteria of need.

You can find the application for tuition assistance here.