Based upon the best-selling book "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young" by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (Ret.) and journalist Joseph L. Galloway, this compelling war drama depicts the true story of the first major battle between the United States and North Vietnamese forces. It is a film about uncommon valor and nobility under fire, loyalty among soldiers, and the heroism and sacrifice of men and women both home and abroad. Director: Randall Wallace -- [Google listing]

A companion series to the Museum’s new Vietnam exhibit and forthcoming Project Welcome Home, the Museum will screen four films that explore the Vietnam War from the air, the ground, on the home front, and through the lens of soldiers, pilots, journalists and film makers. Films in the summer series include Platoon, We Were Soldiers, and Full Metal Jacket, and Rescue Dawn. An introduction to each film will be provided by a Vietnam veteran from the Distinguished Flying Cross Society.

Vietnam Film Series Dates

June 23 Rescue Dawn

July 29 Platoon

Aug 18 Full Metal Jacket

Sep 15 We Were Soldiers

FREE with Museum Admission.