The member clubs of the Seattle Glider Council once again present a glimpse into the fascinating world of silent flight at Soaring Expo 2016 during the weekend of March 12-13. Full-size gliders and radio-controlled gliders will be on display. Lectures, movies and glider flight simulators are offered all weekend. Representatives of local soaring and RC glider clubs will be on hand to answer questions for anyone interested in pursuing the sport of soaring or becoming a glider pilot. Clubs include Evergreen Soaring and Puget Sound Soaring.

On Saturday, March 12th, in the William Allen Theater: "The Cascades - by Sailplane and Camera" by Fred Hermanspann and Kathleen McCrary.

Flying a glider in, over and across the awe inspiring Cascade mountain range - a photographic summary of exciting mountain flying in a home-built two seat glider. Fred Hermanspann is one of the most prominent cross country pilots around the Seattle area, pioneering the idea that it is possible, safe and rewarding to fly cross country from the west side of the sate a feat long considered inadvisable for gliders. He is a retired aerospace engineer, and has designed and built his own two-seat sailplane, which him and Kathleen fly together on a regular basis. Just last season, they started in Arlington and managed to cross the cascades back and forth, in a single flight, making it all the way to Lake Wenatchee. Kathleen McCrary is an avid photographer and documented their adventured with her camera.

This lecture is free with daily admission to the Museum of flight, and will start at 12:30pm

On Sunday, March 13th, in the William Allen Theater: A special screening of the new soaring film "CloudStreet."

"CloudStreet: Soaring The American West" is a visually stunning high-definition documentary featuring the beauty and drama of a soaring adventure in the American West. As unbelievably serene as it is thrilling, CloudStreet gives viewers the extraordinary experience of soaring along the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. Along the way, CloudStreet educates our audience not just about flying sailplanes cross-country, but also about the science of soaring, about the unique geography of the intermountain west, and about the workings of our atmosphere. It is easy learning as the audience is carried along by the excitement of this experience and drawn in by the natural curiosity evoked from this extraordinary mode of flight. We hear from the pilots about how it feels to cross vast distances using only the energy of the atmosphere to stay aloft. Their love of soaring is inspirational as they balance managing the dangers of motorless flight, and the joys of true freedom. Cloudstreet uses newly developed camera platforms and state-of-the-art high-definition camera technology for an unparalleled experience.

This screening will begin at 12:30pm and is free with daily admission to the Museum. See more about "CloudStreet" at