SEATTLE, Dec. 14, 2018— Earlier this week Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors sent shockwaves through NASA and the nation’s educational community with his remarks that the Moon landing was faked, but on Wednesday Curry said was just joking and that he will accept NASA’s offer to view its Moon rocks at the Lunar Sample Laboratory in Houston. Now he also has the opportunity to see the spacecraft that brought those lunar samples to Earth.

Thursday The Museum of Flight President and CEO, Matt Hayes, sent a personal letter to Curry inviting the basketball superstar and his family to see the Apollo 11 spacecraft that took the first astronauts to the Moon. The historic Command Module will be the centerpiece of Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission, an exhibit presented in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution next spring and summer. “I hope you can take us up on this offer,” wrote Hayes, “we promise you and your family a VIP experience anytime during the exhibition’s run.”

Image: Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia on temporary cradle. Photo by Eric Long, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.


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