Attend a Select Educational Program

Anyone ages 5-18 who participates in select educational programs* at the Museum is eligible to join Connections. These programs include:

*Each program is subject to space, availability, and enrollment requirements. Visit each program’s web page for more information.

Attend a Connections Enrollment Event

Anyone ages 5-18 who is interested in joining Connections is welcome to attend select events that include Connections enrollment. New Connections members attending one of these events must be:

  1. Present at the event
  2. Currently ages 5-18
  3. Accompanied by their parent/legal guardian

Upcoming Enrollment Events

There are no upcoming enrollment events at this time. Please stay tuned as we develop opportunities in these new circumstances.

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Siblings of current Connections members are welcome to come to the Museum with their parent or legal guardian any time the Museum is open to enroll in Connections. Just head to our Alaska Airlines Aerospace Education Center**.

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**The Alaska Airlines Aerospace Education Center is currently closed. At this time, please email a sibling enrollment request to for more information