William M. Allen Theater

Take time during your visit to relax and enjoy a variety of programs about aviation and space exploration history as well as features of current events. The William M. Allen Theater also hosts exciting programs with the men and women who have made history and who continue to make history today!

The programming of the Theater includes 3-D films, public and education programs, and corporate events.

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About William M. Allen:

The Theater was named in honor of William M. Allen who served as President of the Boeing Company from 1945 to 1968 (23 years) and as Chairman of the Boeing Company from 1969 to 1972 (3 years).  While he was president of Boeing, Allen made the famous decision in 1952 to "bet the company", when he authorized construction of the Boeing 367-80 and again when he authorized the launch of development of the Boeing 707.  He also participated in launching other planes of renown, among them the Boeing 727, Boeing 737 and Boeing 747.

William M. Allen Theater