WAS 2013-2014 Student Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Washington Aerospace Scholars 2013-2014 program. Please read the following before starting your application:

Students MUST complete the online application to be considered for acceptance into the WAS program. Prior to submitting an application, please review the sample application here.

The application website will not save your progress; as a result, you must begin and finish your application in a single, uninterrupted session. To ensure successful completion of the WAS application, please be sure to have the following information on-hand:

-Your personal contact information
-Contact information for at least one parent
-Your Washington state legislative district and your Washington state Senator and Washington state Representatives
-High school principal’s name and contact information
-Academic counselor’s name and contact information
-Personal recommender’s name and contact information.

Finally, you will be required to write a short essay (max. 750 words). The prompt for the essay is included on the sample application. Your parents must be present during the last step of the online-application to provide parental certification.

Open WAS 2013-2014 Student Application

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