Top Ten Reasons to Become a Member

<h4>10</h4> <p>Where else are you going to buy a kite and an autographed astronaut photo? The Museum of Flight Store is your one-stop shop for all aviation and space gifts, souvenirs and fun. And best of all – members always receive a 15% discount!</p> <h4>9</h4> <p>Fly an F-22 jet fighter or engage in a dogfight in a WWII Corsair. The Museum’s X-Pilot Flight Simulator puts you in the pilot’s seat and members always save.</p> <h4>8</h4> <p>Enjoy lunch on the patio of the Wings Café and watch the planes take off and land at Boeing Field. You can’t get any closer than The Museum of Flight, where there really is an air show every day.</p> <h4>7</h4> <p>Be the first to see Museum exhibits through members-only exhibit openings.</p> <h4>6</h4> <p>Visit more than 290 other museums FREE as a member of The Museum of Flight.</p> <h4>5</h4> <p>Support the country’s best Museum education programs. Education is the mission of The Museum of Flight and your membership supports our educational programs for all ages.</p> <h4>4</h4> <p>Maybe you can’t turn a wrench, but through your membership, you can still help the Museum restore and exhibit our extensive collection of historic aircraft.</p> <h4>3</h4> <p>Get the kids out of the house on a rainy day. Your membership entitles you to free admission for your children under the age of 18. (Note: Aviator-level and above memberships include free youth admission.)</p> <h4>2</h4> <p>Its okay to have fun at The Museum of Flight. We even allow kids to point up and shout “Look at THAT Dad!”</p> <p style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px">And the number one reason to become a member:</p> <h4>1</h4> <p style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px">Solve the “What to do with out-of-town guests” problem. With free guest passes, you can entertain friends and relatives and not break the bank.</p> <p>Please note: Most, but not all benefits are available at the Navigator Solo Membership Level.</p>