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Thank you for your interest in the Washington Aerospace Scholars 2013-2014 program. Please read the following before starting your application:

The Great Africa Air Safari was an educational initiative bringing the real-time excitement of an airborne journey through Southern Africa to our Aviation Learning Center. A group of Museum volunteers and friends shipped their historic de Havilland Beaver aircraft from Seattle to Cape Town and flew between game preserves, recording their experiences, and connecting with Museum visitors.

The Museum was the virtual home for the Safari and featured a range of online activities and simulated flights in our Aviation Learning Center linked to this amazing adventure.

Big Bird, Elmo, and their new friend from China, Hu Hu Zhu, lead an interactive journey to the stars and Moon.  Spot Big Dipper, find the North Star, and discover why you can’t fly a kite on the Moon. This STEM-based experience is intended to teach participants about stars, constellations, and the differences between the Moon and Earth, while promoting cross-cultural understanding. 

WomenFly! 2012 was a great sucess!  Thank you to everyone who attended and to our speakers.  We're looking forward to WomenFly! 2013.


All programs use our digital planetarium and require a quiet room with a minimum 25-by-25-foot area of open floor space and a 14-foot- high ceiling. The planetarium is designed to accommodate most standard wheelchairs.

Reserving Education Programs

On-Site Programs at The Museum of Flight: - Call 206- 764-1384 or email: educationreservations@museumofflight.org

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Get ready to explore! Participants join one of our two teams, Rocketry or Robotics, to examine some of the real science involved in launching, landing and exploring another world. Activities include building straw rockets, parachutes and robotic rovers.

Summer Programs


The Aerospace Camp Experience (ACE) has exciting programs and activities, caring and knowledgeable staff, and a world-class museum to explore. Only with The Museum of Flight can campers launch rockets, create aircraft, experience microgravity, build robots, and pilot actual airplanes. If you have an inquiring mind and want to have fun this summer exploring aviation and aerospace, ACE is the camp for you!  ACE Info Line: 206-768-7141

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