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Delta-v SpaceFest: Accelerating Discovery

Delta-v SpaceFest

Δv SpaceFest: Accelerating Discovery
November 20, 21, 22 at
The Museum of Flight


See our event page for upcoming details:

Delta-v SpaceFest Event

Spend 20 minutes with us and see who you can inspire!

On November 20th, 21st, and 22nd, The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA is hosting the inaugural Δv SpaceFest: Accelerating Discovery.

We invite you to join us for this three-day public event featuring presentations, demonstrations, and activities with the leaders of the national and commercial space industry. Our focus is on new advancements and discoveries in the world of space flight and research, highlighting the companies and people leading the way.

There are 3 ways to participate during the 3 day event and we welcome you to join us for all or part of the event. If you would be interested in:

Speaking: our topics for presentations are wide open. We will be offering the chance to provide a 20 minute talk in one of several venues on our campus. Talks will take place on all three days from 11AM to 4PM so you can choose your time and day.

Booth Display: Have your organization represented with a vendor-style booth set up? (The Museum will provide tables and linens)

Host an interactive experience: With this we are looking to engage our visitors with hands on activities—games, demonstrations, etc. There will be an area of the Museum dedicated to gaming.

We will be celebrating the opening of our new exhibit Spaceflight Academy. The exhibit looks at what you need to know to get to space, what we learned when we got there, and how that knowledge is helping us to go further today and into the future. The Spaceflight Academy completion marks the final phase of display installation in our Charles Simonyi Space Gallery which features NASA’s Full Fuselage Shuttle Trainer (FFT).

We invite you to tell about your experiences in the industry, current projects or your dreams for the future. Our goal is to inspire our visitors, of all ages, with the wide variety of opportunities available in the industry and with the amazing things that have already been done. Whether you join us just to present for 20 minutes or you want to have a booth for all three days, your participation will help us raise public awareness of America’s vibrant and active space industry.

A list of our confirmed guests and companies is attached. We are looking forward to offering an exciting, interactive, and educational experience for all of our visitors, and we appreciate hearing any ideas you have to help make this a fantastic event.

Again, the topic of your presentation is open, so speak about your passion. Our goal is to have presentations available that will be of interest to a variety of age groups. The museum has presentation spaces that hold from 50-270 people and we will find the right place for each presentation.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Contact SpaceFest

Julia Cannell
Public Programs Manager
The Museum of Flight
206 768 7162


Confirmed Attending Individuals/Companies:

Caitlin O'Keefe
Planetary Resources
Charles Simonyi
Spaceflight Participant/Museum Supporter
Chris Lewicki
Planetary Resources
Dennis Jenkins
Space Historian/Author: Space Shuttle
Duane Ratliff
CASIS (Center for adv. of science in space)
Ed Lu
Sentinel Mission
Eric Anderson
Space Adventures Ltd.
Eric Stallmer
Commercial Spaceflight Federation
Franklin Chang-Diaz
Ad Astra
Garrett Reisman
Rusty Schweickart
Sentinel Mission
Charles Cox
Dan Barstow
TERC (Windows on the Earth)
Zach Aikman
17Bit (Galak-Z)
Dru Staltman
Bootsnake Games (Deadrock Divide)
Dan Dixon
Giant Army (Universe Sandbox 2)
Zach Barth
Zachtronics Games (SpaceChem)
Nic Biondi
Soulareus Interactive (Hard Lander)

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