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Boeing Lunar Roving Vehicle Engineering Mock-up

Boeing lunar-Roving-Vehicle_P1.jpg
Manufacturer: The Boeing Company
Model: Lunar Roving Vehicle (engineering mock-up)
Year: 1971 
Length: 10ft / 3.1m
Empty Weight: 462lbs / 209.56kg
Maximum Speed: 8.7mph / 14km/h
Payload: 1,000lbs / 453.6kg

Boeing Lunar Roving Vehicle Engineering Mock-up

Boeing began building the Lunar Roving Vehicle in 1969, and in 1971 and 1972 LRVs were used on the Apollo 15, 16, and 17 lunar-landing missions. The LRV looked more like a dune buggy or a golf cart than a manned spacecraft.

The vehicle was specially designed to meet the demands of lunar exploration and featured: computerized navigation, a portable television system capable of sending color images back to Earth via satellite, the ability to carry four times its weight and wheels capable of navigating the difficult lunar surface. Additionally, special materials provided the LRV protection from lunar temperatures ranging from -250°F to 250°F. The Museum's LRV was built by Boeing as an engineering mock-up.