• First Shuttle Trainer Components Arrive

First Shuttle Trainer Components Arrive

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012
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Shuttle Trainer Engine Bell | Photo: Joshua Trujillo / seattlepi.com

The delivery of what has become one of the Northwest’s most eagerly anticipated new residents - the NASA Space Shuttle Trainer - has begun. The first parts of the Trainer to be delivered - the engine bells - arrived via truck April 16 and the crew compartment is due for delivery on June 16.

The three engine bells, each one weighing more than 800 pounds and 9 feet in diameter, will be reunited with the rest of the Trainer over the course of the summer, with the delivery of the crew compartment in three separate flights aboard the NASA Super Guppy. Manufactured by Airbus Industries, the unmistakable Guppy, designated 377SG-201, has a cargo compartment that is 25 feet tall, 25 feet wide and 111 feet long. It carries a maximum payload of more than 26 tons and has a unique hinged nose that can open more than 200 degrees, allowing large pieces of cargo to loaded and unloaded from the front. Following the June 16 delivery of the crew compartment, two other delivery flights will be made in July and August.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the arrival of the Guppy and a fly-in unlike any you’ve ever seen and visit this site for Trainer-related news.

More information about the Shuttle Trainer and the new Charles Simonyi Space Gallery.

[Update 6/13- the expected delivery date for the crew compartment is now June 30]