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10:15  787 Dreamliner Story
11:10  Fighter Pilot
11:40  Fighter Pilot
12:15  787 Dreamliner Story
1:10  Fighter pilot
1:40  Fighter pilot
2:15  787 Dreamliner Story
3:10  Fighter pilot
3:40  Fighter pilot
4:15  787 Dreamliner Story


Adults: $5 w/adm. $8 movie only
Children: $4 w/adm. $7 movie only

Museum Members: $4.

Our newly renovated William M. Allen Theater features 3D projection and surround sound.

Starting Saturday, May 23:

Journey to Space

The new IMAX(R) documentary, "Journey to Space," makes its exclusive Northwest premiere at The Museum of Flight on May 23. The film recalls the glorious days of the space shuttle, reminds us that the space program did not end with the end of the shuttle flights in 2011, and vividly tells the exciting story of the next chapter of space exploration.

Journey to Space will only be $1 for Members and $2 for non-Members.

More details about "Journey to Space"


The 787 Dreamliner Story: A New Legend of Flight (3D)

In the hundred-year-plus history of aviation, truly radical new aircraft designs come along only once in a generation. Since the introduction of the wide bodies of the late 1960s and early 1970s (followed by the Boeing 777 in 1994), there have been no truly "game changing" new passenger airliner designs until now, with the development of the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Through the eyes of chief test pilot Mike Carriker, a legendary contemporary pilot who is flight rated in more than 100 airplanes, we will see how a century of aviation trial and error, and some of the seminal airplanes of the 20th century influenced the design of modern aircraft.

See this new version of the film "Legends of Flight" with a new epilogue that continues the 787 story after its first flight.

Daily showtimes*:
10:15, 12:15, 2:15, 4:15


Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag 3D

The Museum hosts the world premiere of "Fighter Pilot 3D: Operation Red Flag," the exciting Stephen Low Company and K2 Communications documentary adventure in 3D, with a pilot's-view experience into the danger and complexity of high speed combat flying during Red Flag international air combat flight training exercises in the Nevada desert.

"I first saw Red Flag in Las Vegas at one of the IMAX theaters in the city – the updated 3D version is even better than I remembered."

Kevin Sullivan, USAF Colonel (retired) and "Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag" pilot

Daily showtimes*:
11:10, 11:40, 1:10, 1:40, 3:10, 3:40

Presented by Boeing


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Adults: $5 with admission to the Museum; $8 for movie only.
Children 4 - 17: $4 with admission; $7 for movie only.
Museum Members: $4
Children 3 or under: Free

*Showtimes subject to change for special events and programs.