The T. Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge

Connecting the Museum’s main campus on the east side of East Marginal Way to its west campus, which includes the Library and Archives Building, Airpark and parking lots, the T. Evans Wyckoff Memorial Bridge was designed to adapt to the Museum’s future west side development. The bridge is named after long-time Museum supporter T. Evans Wyckoff.

The unique design of the bridge was inspired by aircraft’s contrail. The metaphor is carried out in the bridge’s unusual tube truss design, made of crossing circular steel pipe sections surrounding an inner glass enclosure—which also references the shape of a fuselage. The elliptical cross section swells slightly in the center, narrowing at its ends to heighten the sense of movement. This unique structure was a collaborative effort of architects, engineers and steel fabricators using new technologies in computer modeling and fabrication techniques. The bridge also features LED lighting effects and a unique sound system.

Memorial Bridge