• Flight Simulators
Flight Simulators at The Museum of Flight | Photo: Christian Bouchez

Flight Simulators

Simulators are also available for private functions and group visits.

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Experience Flight Without Leaving the Ground!


Premium Simulator Experiences:

Featuring the new i360 Flight Simulator

Our all-new i360 flight simulators offer state-of-the-art motion control and high-performance visuals and sound and immerses riders in realism. It is a fully interactive and intensely fun experience where a "pilot" and "gunner" can engage in simulated air combat via individual joystick controls.

You can chose from 9 different aircraft from WWI, WWII and modern jets!

Experience 360° rolls in this thrilling ride.

General Admission:   $8
Members   $7
Additional Ride:   $6


The 3-D 13-Seat 4D-X ride

NOW Showing at the 13 seat motion flight simulator: Screaming Eagles

Do you have what it takes to be a F/18 pilot?  If you have nerves of steel, join the men and women in the Training Exercise “Screaming Eagles” and hope that it is just the eagle that screams!  Be prepared to launch off the aircraft carrier, hit every target, complete your air to air mission and land safely.  You never know when the circumstances change!  So hold on and stay calm as you try to become the next great F/18 pilot!  Jump in the 13 seat motion simulator to join.

Adults:   $7
Members / Youth:   $6
School Programs:   $5
Additional Ride:   $3.50


For Young Pilots - The Voyager Simuator

Located in our Flight Zone, the Voyager Simulator it is aimed at the 4-11 age range with automatic mode or manually using the onboard joystick. The Voyager is fitted with stereo sound, widescreen monitor, and flashing lights.



Other Simulators:

  • Try your hand on our hang gliders in the Flight Zone, a favorite with kids where you sit in a hang gliding harness and try to land as close as you can to a target.
  • In our Space Gallery you'll have an opportunity to pilot an Apollo lunar lander or bring the Space Shuttle home after a mission orbiting the Earth.
  • In the Personal Courage Wing's WWI gallery, try flying a WWI bi-plane.
  • Lastly, match skills with an astronaut as you try to link up with the Hubble Space Telescope in our Manned Manuevering Unit simulators in the Rendezvous in Space: A Tribute to Pete Conrad exhibit.