The Sikorsky (USA) HH-52 Seaguard helicopter served as a workhorse for the U.S. Coast Guard for over 25 years. The amphibious aircraft has been credited with saving 15,000 lives and $1.5 billion in property loss and damage since its deployment with the Coast Guard in 1963. Ninety-nine HH-52s were based on Coast Guard cutters, icebreackers, and air stations until retirement in 1989.

The Museum's HH-52 Seaguard, CGNR1415 (CGNR stands for Coast Guard Number) was delivered to the Coast Guard on April 30, 1966. It served on the Great Lakes, and on the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts before finishing its career at Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles here in Washington.

The Seaguard exhibit focuses on the helicopter's unique characteristics which made it such a life saver. The exhibit also pays tribute to the men and women of the Coast Guard Air Station at Port Angeles, who were the last to fly the Museum's Seaguard.