• "Taking It Downtown"--B-52s Over Hanoi

"Taking It Downtown"--B-52s Over Hanoi

Monday, May 27, 2013 -
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Lecture / Presentation
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At 2:00pm, the Museum is proud to present a public program on B-52 operations in Vietnam. “Taking It Downtown” highlights the lead-up to the Presidentially ordered Linebacker II air strikes on the defining missions of the Vietnam War against Hanoi/Haiphong in December 1972. The presentation looks at the build-up of B-52 strategic bomber forces in the Southeast Asia, some key capability differences in the B-52D and G models, and the SAC planning errors that impacted air operations. See the B-52 launches on these hgih pressure missions to press the attack home. Hear combat audio on the bomb run into the target including multiple Surface to Air Missile (SAM) launches against the largest B-52 mission in history. The story covers the combat losses of aircraft/ aircrews in a salute to their memory.

The program will be conducted by Howard Butcher, a Lt. Colonel, US Air Force –retired, with 2500 flying hours in B-52Fs & Gs as a Radar Navigator (Bombardier) and Navigator and in F-4C, Ds & E model Phantoms as a Weapons Systems Officer (WSO) in US and Europe. Howard flew 66 Vietnam B-52 combat missions including Operation Linebacker II – the Presidentially ordered air strikes on Hanoi and Haiphong in December 1972.

This program is free for Museum members and free with daily admission to the Museum of Flight