Boeing B-17 Ground School

Saturday, May 19, 2012 -
8:30am to 5:00pm
Museum of Flight

Museum B-17 experts and pilots will conduct an original, 2-day course in the history, design, construction, operation and performance of the Boeing B-17 bomber. Weekend sessions include detailed briefings about the aircraft, combat mission flight planning and the way the bomber was used in World War II. The course features personal tours inside of the Museum’s Flying Fortress led by veteran B-17 crew members and the Museum’s restoration team, and the course includes a flight in the Experimental Aircraft Association’s B-17, Aluminum Overcast while it is based at the Museum May 25 through 28.

Registration is limited to 20, fee is $750. The sessions will take place in a classroom setting and in the Museum’s B-17F, "Boeing Bee."

For additional information, and to register, please contact Mike Lavelle, Director of Public Programs, at 206-768-7162.

Course Schedule

Day 1

Basic Design and Construction of the Museum’s B-17F
Small group orientation to the B-17F interior and exterior

B-17F Operational Systems Overview:

Lubrication System
Fuel System
Hydraulic System
Electrical System


Day 2

Continuation of B-17 systems overview:

B-17F aircraft systems review at the Museum’s aircraft – components, checks and orientation
Viewing of vintage “How to Fly the B-17” films
Discussion panel/Q&A session with B-17 crew members and restoration team
Course wrap-up

Participants receive:

Boeing B-17 Owners’ Workshop Manual
“B-17G Flying Fortress – 50 Year Anniversary” book
Participant Note Taking Guide (copies of the PowerPoint System Sessions)
“How to Fly the B-17” DVD
Class photo with the Museum B-17F
Certificate of Completion