Charles Simonyi Space Gallery

The Charles Simonyi Space Gallery is the Museum’s spectacular new building dedicated to the adventure of spaceflight from the 1980s to the present. The centerpiece of this 15,000 square-foot exhibit is the NASA Space Shuttle Trainer – a unique, full-scale mockup of the space shuttle that was used for over 30 years by every shuttle astronaut. This awesome artifact stretches over 100 feet long and four stories high. The Museum has made the interior cargo bay accessible to all Museum patrons, with special opportunities available to enter the crew cabin and cockpit. This is about as close as it gets to experiencing the shuttle just like an astronaut! The Simonyi Gallery is also home to a Russian Soyuz space capsule that has flown to the International Space Station—the only Soyuz on view in the United States outside of the Smithsonian. The gallery also boasts spacesuits, flight vehicles and other artifacts from recent commercial spaceflight ventures, while on-going exhibits detail spaceflights of today and of the future.

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