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Flight Simulators

Experience the thrill of flight without leaving the ground. From the pilot-controlled, full-motion i360 simulators that allow unlimited loops, rolls and other aerobatic gyrations, to the 13-seat 4D-X simulator, to the more slower-paced Hubble Space Telescope docking units, there is a simulated flight experience at the Museum for everyone in your group.

  • i360 (seats 2) Fee: (1 simulator) $275 per hour
  • (2 x i360) $475 per hour
  • 4D-X (seats 13) Fee: $250 per hour

Aviation-themed Gifts at The Museum of Flight Store

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your next event? Whether you are hosting an event at The Museum of Flight or you’re just looking for an aviation themed gift, our gift store staff can provide you with many great ideas!

Museum of Flight Private Group Event guests receive a 10% discount on all store merchandise the day of your event. Event planners/organizers can also purchase corporate gifts in advance and receive 15% off all pre-orders. To view some of our gift recommendations online, please click here to visit our store website. If you would like to speak with someone in person, you can call our Store General Manager at (206) 768-7109.


Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag 3D Movie

Group tickets are available for the world premiere of "Fighter Pilot 3D: Operation Red Flag," the exciting 48-minute Stephen Low Company and K2 Communications documentary adventure in 3D, with a pilot's-view experience into the danger and complexity of high speed combat flying during Red Flag international air combat flight training exercises in the Nevada desert.

  • Buy out a showtime: $500.


Visit the Museum's outdoor gallery featuring some of commercial aviation's best-known aircraft: prototypes of the Boeing 737 and 747, America's first jet Air Force One, an American Airlines 727-200 and a British Airways Concorde—the only one on display on the West Coast.

  • Fee: $1,200

Personal Courage Wing VIP Experience

Take a trip back in time to World Wars I and II in the J. Elroy McCaw Personal Courage Wing, accompanied by your own trained, knowledgeable tour guide. You'll be up close and personal with real fighters and real stories immersed in the environments of those two world-changing conflicts.

See the world's first fighter from 1914; the famous British Spitfire of World War II. Climb aboard a re-created aircraft carrier; step into a trench or a pilot's lounge from the Great War. The VIP Experience of the Personal Courage Wing is based on your interests and schedule. Reservations are required two weeks in advance.

  • Group size: 2-8
  • Fee: $25 per group, non-refundable
  • Tour length: 20 minutes (2-3 artifacts); 50 minutes (1 floor); 2 hours (entire wing)

Docent Tours of The Great Gallery & Red Barn

Specially trained Museum tour guides, known as docents, lead guests through the Museum's world-class aircraft collection—a journey that encompasses the entire history of aviation. Tour length is based on your group's schedule.
  • Fee: $2 per person
  • Tour length: 30-minute Highlight Tour; 1-hour Barnstormer Tour


Amazing Skies Theater

Experience the dramatic stories of flight as actors in period costume transport you to the early days of aviation, retelling the courageous exploits of World War I and World War II fighter pilots and introducing you to the pioneers of aerospace exploration.

Performances consist of "Brief Encounters," in which characters speak to your group in first-person conversations, or "Living Moments," which are dramatic vignettes that explore the human side of history. Performances take place in exhibit areas and can be tailored to your group's interests and schedule.


"Brief Encounters" Fees

  • $100 per character for a 2-hour performance
  • $100 for the stage manager


"Living Moments" Fees

  • $100 per character for 2-3 vignettes
  • $100 for the stage manager
  • $100 for a technician, if required
  • Note: Only one stage manager/technician is required if you book both "Brief Encounters" and "Living Moments."


Aviation Learning Center & Challenger Learning Center

The Aviation Learning Center (ALC) and Challenger Learning Center (CLC) are immersive, interactive, simulated environments, in which your group members become airplane pilots or NASA astronauts in training. In the ALC, they will learn what it takes to fly a plane; in the CLC, they will act as mission control or spacecraft crew on a voyage to the Moon or Mars. Challenge your group's team-building and problem solving skills and have fun doing it. Please contact your Private Events representative at 206-764-5706 for information and reservations.

  • Fee: Aviation Learning Center, $1,000
  • Fee: Challenger Learning Center, $500


Aircraft Fly-Ins

Your group can fly in to your event in your own aircraft, land at Boeing Field and park on the Museum's ramp. Please contact the Security Department at 206.764.5710 in advance to ensure ramp availability.