• Outreach Education Programs

Outreach Education Programs

The Museum of Flight is dedicated to serving learners of all ages with programs that meet the needs of audiences across the state, the country, and the world. The Museum’s innovative and interactive outreach programs cover a range of subjects from astronomy to robotics to aviation and can be delivered at your site. Students can investigate the universe in our portable digital planetarium, build their own rovers, or even launch their own rockets---without having to get on a school bus.

One World, One Sky - Planetarium Program

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure

Travel to the Moon and stars with your friends from Sesame Street in our portable digital planetarium.


Yes, it is Rocket Science

Introduces participants to the history of rockets and Newton's laws of motion while engaging in the design and testing of their own rockets.

Robot Garage

Build a successful extraterrestrial rover!

Flying Gizmo Show

Discover history and science through toys and models.

Portable Universe Programs

Introduction to astronomy for learners of all ages.


Distance Learning

The expanding role of robotics in space exploration.

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Some addtional travel fees may be applied for locations more than 50 miles from the Museum.