Education Programs Information

Reserving Education Programs

On-Site Programs at The Museum of Flight: - Call 206- 764-1384 or email:

Educational Grant Assistance

Several types of grant assistance are available to qualifying schools and youth organizations. To qualify, schools or organizations must have at least 35% of their student body or participants receiving free or reduced-cost lunches.

Assistance depends on the availability of funds donated by private and corporate sponsors. Please go to for updated financial assistance information or to download a financial aid application. This information can also be accessed via E-Mail at, or by calling 206-768-7157.

Outreach or Distance Learning Programs:

Call 206- 768-7175 or email: Reservations for all education programs except Distance Learning Expeditions and Sleepover programs must be made at least two weeks in advance. Reservations for Distance Learning expeditions and Sleepover programs must be made at least four weeks in advance.

Education Outreach Program Pricing
  • 45 cents per mile beyond 100 miles of total distance required for travel to deliver the program
  • A fee of $140 per instructor per day when overnight travel is required to deliver the program(s)
  • Incidental costs such as ferry tickets, bridge tolls, or parking fees

roups that schedule two or more education programs for the same day receive a $25 discount. This discount is not available for Outreach programs or for programs held at the Museum’s Restoration Center at Paine Field.

School districts or non-profit youth groups can receive a 10 – 20% discount if they enter into a service agreement with the Museum to provide at least 75 Museum programs in a 12-month period.

Canceling or Rescheduling Education Programs

To cancel or reschedule a program you must speak directly with either the reservationist at 206-764-1384 or the Outreach desk at 206-768-7175.

You cannot cancel or reschedule your reservations by voice-mail or e-mail. The deadline for canceling or rescheduling Sleepover and Distance Learning programs is 30 days before the scheduled date of the program. Canceling or rescheduling all other programs must occur at least 14 days prior to the scheduled date of the program.

Groups that reschedule a program after the deadline will incur a processing fee of $20. Groups that cancel a program after the deadline will incur a $25 cancellation fee. No-shows for programs will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellation fees for no-shows due to adverse weather or “Acts of God” are addressed on a case-by-case basis.