• Kenneth H. Dahlberg Center for Military Aviation History
A group of Curtiss P-40 test pilots with a P-40

Kenneth H. Dahlberg Center for Military Aviation History

<p>Kenneth H. Dahlberg, a World War II fighter ace and member of the American Fighter Aces Association, generously contributed financial assistance to the center’s development. The Center’s military library and archives holds many unique collections including materials from the American Fighter Aces Association, American Volunteer Group, the Champlin Fighter Museum as well as the expansive Norm Taylor and A.J. Bibbee photograph collections.</p> <h4>Some highlights of the Dahlberg Center’s Collections Include:</h4> <ul> <li> The A. J. Bibee Photographic Collection: U.S. Marine Corps aviation photos from the 1920s through the Korean Conflict </li> <li> The Norm Taylor Collection: An extensive collection of prints and negatives of military aircraft, particularly strong on the subject of U.S. Air Force jets from the 1950s to the 1980s. </li> <li> The Ned Thorne Collection: Salvaged from a dumpster at an Air Force base after WWII, Carl Oskar Ursinus photo-files from Flugsport magazine. Photos of German aviation activities dating from 1913 up to the early years of WWII </li> <li> The Lee Embree Pearl Harbor Collection: An Army Air Corps photographer who flew into Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack, Embree shot some the first U.S. aerial combat photos of WWII </li> <li> The American Fighter Aces Association (AFAA): Artifacts and archival materials donated by U.S. Fighter Aces and “Friends of the Aces.” The collection includes thousands of artifacts, aces’ photo files and biographies, and a small collection of other photos and paperwork </li> <li> The Grinnell Aces Paintings: Also included with the AFAA collection are the acclaimed American Fighter Aces series of original oil paintings, created by Roy Grinnell </li> <li> The Flying Tigers/American Volunteer Group materials contain over 100 artifacts as well as a pair of marquee photograph collections </li> <li> The Champlin Museum Collection: Besides the world-class aircraft, portions of Doug Champlin’s Fighter Museum including: hundreds of artifacts include original artwork, an extensive collection of models, and a large grouping of goggles and helmets from WWI to the 1980s </li> </ul> <p>Access to the Dahlberg Center collections is by appointment only please see the Research Area for information on obtaining an appointment to visit.</p>