Museum Collections

The Museum of Flight Collections acquires and preserves a wide array of materials and artifacts relating to aviation and space history and to provides a center for the scholarly research of these materials and artifacts. The Museum holds one of the largest and most comprehensive air and space collections in the United States, containing millions of rare photographs and negatives, a world-class library, tens of thousands of artifacts, and over 150 rare aircraft and space vehicles.

Collections Resources

Aircraft & Artifacts

The Museum collects and preserves all types of aviation and space artifacts.

Harl V. Brackin Library

The Library consists of thousands of books, magazines, and manuals. Online search now available!

Museum Archives

Millions of rare photographic prings, negatives and slides.

Dahlberg Aviation Research Center

The Center’s military library and archives holds many unique collections including materials from the American Fighter Aces Association, American Volunteer Group, the Champlin Fighter Museum as well as the expansive Norm Taylor and A.J. Bibbee photograph collections.

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